The Globe Theatre

The Globe is a theatre in London, associated with William Shakespeare. It was first built in 1599, and has later been reconstructed three times. The first two were in the early 1600`s, but the last one did not happen until the early 1990`s. The last recreations happened on behalf of American Actor Sam Wanamaker, who started campaigning for it already in the 1940`s.


Hollar Globe.gif

This was a scetch of the second version of the Globe.

The Globe`s name was supposedly inspired by the Latin quote “totus mundus agin histrionem”  a quote is derived from “quod fere totus mundus exerceat histrionem”. Both of these can translate to “because all the world is our playground”. This quote later became the theatre`s motto. However, people suspect that the connection between the name and the quote happened first years after it was made. 


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